Kristy Plenter

Support Services and Community Outreach Manager

Working and serving in her community has always been a priority for Kristy. As an Evergreen resident and health care professional, she knew Mount Evans had a stellar reputation so she waited patiently for the opportunity to join the team.

“I started out as a Palliative Care Social Worker and loved being able to see patients in their home. I provided counseling to those coping with illness and supported them throughout their journey,” says Kristy.

Kristy’s talent and heart quickly became apparent. Within a year, she took on the role of caring for Mount Evans’ social workers, chaplain, bereavement and respite volunteers.

“I manage all of our Support Services teams’ day-to-day care and support of patients in our community. I get to jump in and help with admissions from time to time as well, keeping me connected to the heart of our services and mission. I also manage and support our beloved respite and bereavement volunteers as they give their time to see our patients.”

Kristy’s team works to support all of Mount Evans’ programs including Mountain Journey, home health, palliative care, hospice and emotional support.

“Every day I can say that what we do here makes a difference; we help our community in restoring health, coping with illness, allowing for a peaceful death, and finding hope in times of grief,” Kristy explains. “I am always struck by the courage, the bravery, the hope, and the love our patients share.”

Kristy also oversees community outreach for Mount Evans and manages the community liaison who sees patients in the hospital before they come home.

“I get to tell anyone who will listen about our range of services and how we can help. Mount Evans has so many unique and wonderful employees from inside our offices to the clinicians on the road seeing patients. The spirit of doing the right thing and prioritizing patients first is palpable.”

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