Wendy Snow

LSW – Social Worker

Wendy Snow has been with Mount Evans for nearly three decades. She’s part of a team that visits with patients and their families to talk about how they are adjusting to their health conditions and to identify ways to make their lives easier.

“I love meeting people in their homes and listening to their stories,” says Wendy. “It is a sacred responsibility to be able to help people and their families through their journeys.”

As a social worker, Wendy provides emotional support as well as valuable expertise with legal and financial issues such as advance directives, decisions about moving to a facility, finding help with chores and care in the home, and a multitude of other issues.

Mount Evans is lucky to have Wendy. She’s been such a fixture in the organization that it’s hard to imagine how many pieces had to fall perfectly in place in order for her to find her place within it.

In 1993, Mount Evans had one social worker on staff. When that social worker had to unexpectedly take time off, a friend and Mount Evans board member recommended Wendy fill in. At the time, Wendy, who had taken a nine-year break to focus on raising her children, was considering returning to social work.

“I knew Mount Evans was a well thought of nonprofit and working with folks in our mountain communities appealed to me. I was completely hooked after several months and was allowed to stay on when the other social worker returned to work.”

She’s humble about the difference she’s made in the lives of countless of mountain residents. She says simply that she hopes she makes a difference by listening attentively to them and connecting them with the services they need.

“I love being able to serve our mountain residents wherever they live – in neighborhoods, up winding steep roads, in cabins, in RVs, in skilled nursing facilities, in assisted living, and in every corner of the vast, diverse mountain area we serve.  I am thrilled when we are able to provide needed care and to connect them with other services they need.”

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