Pam Reitan

Mount Evans Volunteer

Pam’s heart and her creative talents have no bounds. Anyone who has attended the Mount Evans Gala can attest to artistic masterpieces. She was the chair of this year’s decorating committee for the We Heart the 80s Annual Gala. Pam and her team went above and beyond to recreate some of the most incredible moments of the 80s. The decorations required months of planning and engineering and that’s before she assembled her committee for eight weeks of assembly. 

It’s just one of many projects at Mount Evans that Pam makes possible. 

“I became aware of Mount Evans and the services they provide when they helped a family with a young daughter who had a terminal illness,” explains Pam. “That was 27 years ago. I started as a respite volunteer in 1993. My desire was to contribute to ‘what they do and to help them do it better.’ I sewed buttons on my first angel 25 ago and traded being a respite volunteer with helping to make decorations for the Annual Gala in 1997.  I continue to give my time and skills to this organization as their services are a tremendous gift to so many in our mountain community.”

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