Mount Evans Donors

The following individuals, organizations, and businesses donated money to Mount Evans during the period of
April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019.

Gifts of $10,000+ (2018-2019):

Andy and Ginny Ades
Estate of Howard Beeten
Bob and Cynthia Benson
Benson Family Foundation, Inc.
Eve Borman Trust
Clear Creek County Commissioners
Daniels Fund
Denver Regional Council of Governments
– Area Agency on Aging
Richard and Julia Esser
Fidelity Charitable
Gene & Ruth Posner Foundation, Inc.
Gilpin County
Hart Family Foundation
Dave and Cindy Higgins
Al and Janice Himmelman
Carol and Curt Linke
Marion Esser Kaufmann Foundation
Mile High United Way
Rick and Gail Posner
Pete and Meryl Sabeff
Schwab Charitable
Doug Spencer and Kathleen Parrish
Gary and Sally St. Clair
Susan Stearns and Frank O’Loughlin
Stone Family Foundation
Nancy and Robert Weary
Weary Family Foundation
Estate of Anna Lou Wooldridge
Barb Zendig

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 (2018-2019):

Holly and Jeff Brekke
Cancer League of Colorado
Jim and Trudy Chiddix
Community First Foundation
Marvin and Dee Geisness
Tom Gorman
Ralph and Pat Haines
Brian Himmelman
Brian Himmelman State Farm
J.M. McDonald Foundation
Paul and Vicki Leroue
Dustin and Barbara Lindsey
LIV Sotheby’s International Realty
Donald and Jackie McJunkin
New West Physicians
Schlessman Family Foundation, Inc.
Bill and Carol Slaughter
Bruce and Pat Thoms
Thomas and Susan Tyksinski
UBS Donor Advised Fund

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 (2018-2019):

Roland Blauer
CAS Real Estate
Christ The King Catholic Church
Community First Foundation – Colorado Gives Day
Conifer Newcomers & Neighbors
Ben Croce and Nikki Pounds
Carol and Greg Dobbs
Fred and Carol Espenship
Evergreen Elks Lodge, #2363
Evergreen Lutheran Church
Hershal and Trudy Ferguson
Cory Freyer
Bob and Karin Gibbs
Allyson and Bob Gottsman
Greystar Real Estate Partners
Vera and Mark Guebert-Steward
Tanya Haave
Kathryn and Roger Hassell
Rod and Carolyn Hock
Jon and Christy Holbrook
Alan Horowitz
LAM Tree Service
Bill Lambert and Colette Thoreau
Janice Lines
Kathe Lundhagen
Bill Manning and Marsha Manning, MD
Shawn and Kristi O’Neal
O’Neal Family Foundation UAD
Sue and Dick Phelps
Platte River Networks
Tom and Janet Quinn
Ryan and Maddy Reed
Barb and Tom Scripps
Phil Shanley and Barb Hadley
Penny Simpson
Jim and Karen Smith
Sally Stearns
Ed and Mary Steinbrecher
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Vanguard Charitable
John Wilson and Mollie Mitchell
YourCause LLC Trustee for TIAA Serves
Mary Zulack and Peter Belmont

Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 (2018-2019):

Albert Frei & Sons
Candace Allen and Bob Woodward
Kathleen Allison
Bob and Mary Pat Amedeo
Ardelt LLC
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Gail Barnes
Roy and Susan Beaton
Cheryl Benware
Blue Sky Plumbing/Heating/Cooling/Electric
Polly Boley
Bill Braun
Sandra Bruggeman
Jerry and Donna Bucholz
Central Trust Company
Jim and Kim Chaldekas
Andrew Chitiea
Fred and Laura Churchley
Charles Corey
Laurie and Jim Davis
Nan Davis
Patty and Ken DeLucas
Ed and Mary Dickhoff
Bill Dickson
Janie and Dick Dolecek
Evergreen Retail Shops at Safeway
Evergreen Vision Clinic, P.C.
Kyle and Marcy Feagans
Nancy and Glenn Forsey
David and Debra Freyer
Genesis Painting & Construction Inc
Tom Gillen
Cheryl and Dale Glover
Valerie Gluth
Marilyn Goltl
Mark Graybill and Belqui Gutierrez
Deborah J. Grossman
Brian Haave
Ellen Henika
Gretchen Hock and Dan Hock, OD
Russ and Shelly Houston
JR & MJ Wilson Foundation
John and Joanne Kirby
Julie Knowles
Neil Knowlton
Tom Korin
Steve and Susan Lehman
Carole and Allan Lhotka
Linda McConnell / LIV Sotheby’s International Realty
Mary Jane Loevlie
Sara Logan
John and Gretchen MacArthur
Angela Madan
Art and Marcee Martin
Cathy and Bruce Martin
Harold and Elinor McGlathery
Julie and Michael McKenna
Stan Moore
Nancy Nickle
Valerie O’Connor
Greg and Kila Otte
Michele & Dave Overley
Chris and Ginger Payne
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
John and Cassie Pazour
Nadja Pisula-Litoff and Jim Pisula
Rising Graphics + Printing
Donald and Patricia Rosenthal
D & T Rosenthal Giving Fund
Rotary Club of Clear Creek 2000
Rotary Club of Conifer
Rotary Club of Evergreen
Rotary Club of Mountain Foothills
Sue Roux
Denny and Cathy Rundle
Buzz and Laura Sampson
Sampson Family Foundation
Paul and Kathy Sandquist
Harriet Sear
Sue Sells
Ted and Karen Sells
Sells Law Firm, LLC
Eileen Sharkey and James Darling
Gail Sharp
Charley Shimanski and Christiane Leitinger
Hans and Rita Sinkovec
Bill and Marcia Smith
Diana and Kit Smith
Team Evergreen Bicycle Club, Inc.
The Denver Foundation
The Foundation at Rolling Hills
The Village Gourmet
Christopher and Janis Trainor
Valkyrie Operating
Sallie and Lee Wandling
Phil Waters and Sandra Chelist
Max and Cyn Watkins
John and Barbara Wingate
Richard Woods
Bob and Martha Zavodsky

Gifts of $500 to $999 (2018-2019):

Kathleen Ackerman
Coralue Anderson
Aspen Park Hardware (ACE)
Jim and Linda Attalla
Nancy and Jeff Balter
Robert Benson
Big O Tires Evergreen
Blue Spruce Kiwanis
Rebecca Boley
Bob and Annette Bradley
Randy Brame
Mark and Deborah Carter
Children’s Learning Center
Pam Clifford
Community Health Charities
Stanley and Patricia Conway
Billie Cox
Ray Curtis
Gerald Dahl
Dan and Maryann Dalpes
Elevation Dental
Evergreen Crafters
Evergreen Dental Group
Evergreen Memorial Park
Mark Feller and Mary Konrad Feller
Peggy and Dale Fetchenhier
Reg Fleming
Blair and Paula Gay
Joe and Brian Haffner
Meme Hardin
Ruth Harding
Curt and Barbara Harris
Sue Harvey-Dunn
Kent Huff and Stu Pons
Karen and James Hutcherson
Robert and Sondra Inman
Curt and Keri Jaeger
Maureen James
Derek Jansen
LuAnn and Hank Kaanta
Barbara Kerans
Nancy Koons
Jim and Anita Kreider
Todd and Tish Landrum
Kevin Larson
Christophe and Sue Lawrie
Kay Ledyard
Robert Loeffler
Love & Light TLC
Nancy Lowe
Carol and Drew MacKenzie
Les and Veronica Maes
Leonor McCall-Rodriguez and Dean McCall
Patty McCord
Misty Moulton
Patti Mulvihill
Network for Good
Jimmy and Helen New
B. Nevins-E. Nelson Fund
Renee Okubo
Marie Owens and Richard Swinney
Joan Politte
Jo and Jon Powers
Lillian Ranniger
Carolyn and Scott Recknor
Mary Rieple
Peter Ringgold
Gary and Dianne Rotolo
Patsy and Lou Samson
Dick and Janet Scheurer
Barry and Michelle Schroeder
Richard and Donna Sentel
Daniel and Ruth Setlak
Don & Sandy Sharp
Ron and Sandy Sherbert
Jerry Shrimpton
Gina Simpson
Michael and Betsy Slager
Phyllis Sordelet
Sylvia and Jim Stafford
Bill and Carron Starkey
Sarah and Les Sweeney
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Richard and Kathleen Traynor
Mary Tribby and Ed Stewart
Laurie and Robert Troudt
Richard and Colleen Truly
Tuscany Tavern
Don and Marty Unger
United Way of Greater Philadelphia
Bonnie Vivian
Richard Wales
Jim and Linda Waugaman
Waugaman Family
Bill and Susan Whitfield
Dick and Sally Williams
John and Marjorie Wurster
Sally Zack Wheeler
Cindy and Mike Zahler

Gifts of $250 to $499 (2018-2019):

Glenn Andersen and Tekla Inglese
Melanie Anderson
Tadini Bacigalupi
Katherine Bakas
Paula Barnes and Rob Baker
Karen Bent
Bergen House
Diana Bergeson
Constance Bierkan
Jamie Bittle
Gerald Bramwell
Greg Branch
Luise Brook
Brigitte & Hank Brumley
Ray Burden
Patricia Callahan
Callon Petroleum
James and Cynthia Chamness
Tim and Joan Clancy
Nancy Clement
Michael and Wendy Cole
Dick Davis and Melanie Anderson
Deborah Deeg and Fred VanDusen
Rex and Sharon Eaves
Susan and Rod Eichler
Bill and Nancy Eldridge
Mark and Lindsay Espenship
Loie Evans
EverBean By The Lake
Expresley Elvis Fan Club
Bruce and Beth Feldkamp
Suzanne and Bob Feroldi
Rachel Freer
Kelly and Maria Garrod
Steven George
Gerou & Associates, Ltd. 
Penn and Marilyn Gildersleeve
Leon and Gretchen Giles
Robert and Margaret Griffith
Glenda Guanella
Leslie and Ken Hancock
Woody and Barb Hancock
Butch and Debby Hartman
Leslie Howard
Donald Hudson
Terry Hylland
Kurt Jacobson
Tracy Jones
Richard and Patricia Korpan
Roger and Cheryl Ladd
Ladd Family Fund
Kay LaMontagne Treworgy
Kathy Laurnen and Mark Laurnen, MD
Meg and Kevin Leadford
Audrey Lein
Michael and Meg Leonard
Lisa and Randy Lewis
Adam Liska
Doug and Gail Lopez
Daniel Lucy
Gordon Lundquist
Arthur Martin
Julie Martin and Don Westfall
Gus Mayer
Michael McGoldrick
Barbara and Paul Melinkovich
Jean and Jerry Mensendick
Josette Montgomery
Pamela and Robert Montgomery
Rosalie Moore
Darcy and Janna Myers
Richard and Elizabeth Olde
Kate Olde-Porter
Tony and Rita Oliver
Eunice Parker
Paul Melinkovich Family Fund
Chris Pfaff and Larry White
Gary and Susan Phillips
Robert Pierce
Ronald and Susan Powell
Wendy and Ted Ramsey
Mark and Judy Rehm
Robert J. and Barbara Reilly
Bill and Barbara Rickord
Jean Robertson
John and Bev Schmitt
Wolf and Joy Schumacher
Elaine Scibelli
Scripps, Taylor & Associates, PC
Setlak Family Fund
Shadow Mountain Gallery
Alissa and Eivind Skildheim
Donlie Smith
Chuck and Mary Ann Sonnen
Roseann Stiblo
Nell Stokes
Adrian Stone
Judith Sturm
Susan Haneman Ayers Trust
Paul Swanson
TallGrass Aveda Day Spa
Brent and Valerie Taylor
K P and Marianne Temple
Jane Templeton
The Evergreen Gallery/Evergreen Angel
Jan and Dave Thulin
Rosalyn Timon
Therese Wahlstrom
James and Sharon Waldrop
Bill and Deanna Weisenborn
Marcia Younger

Gifts up to $249 (2018-2019):

Heather Aberg
Lauren Achziger
Jerry and Cindy Adamek
Mimi and Gil Adamowski
Cyndy Adams-Smith and William Smith
Kim Agnew
Jan Aitken
Nancy Alderman
Diana Aldridge
Carolyn Alexander
Danny and Karen Alkayam
Barbara Allen
Alpine Addictions Professionals LLC
Clare and John Alsko
John and Adrienne Alston
Amazon (Smiles)
Marion and Clyde Anderson
Walt and Rita Anderson
Peggy Andrus
Gary and Sherry Antweiler
Richard Arnold
Rosa and Lindsey Ashby
Ardys and Arlie Askelson
Jim and Betty Astle
Bill Atencio
Jill and Thomas Athenour
Bill and Debbie Atwood
John and Margaret Bailey
Toni Bakas Martin and A. James Martin, III
Pat Baker
Fern Balaun
Joan Ball
Betsy Ballard
John and Laurie Ballegeer
Jim Balmer
Todd and Cindy Banks
Nancy Barish
Judy Barlett
Margot Barnes
Jeffery Bartels
Paula Bashor
Baskin Robbins
Louise Bauer
Kathleen Bauman
Elizabeth Beaver
Patricia Beckham
Emily Behunin
Marilynn Bell
Ann Bender
Rob and Barb Bender
Mary and Tim Bendle
Ann Bengtson
V. Claire Bennett
Amy Bergevin
Justine Bergevin
Jerry and Dianne Berk
Tim and Roxann Berland
Karla Berlin
John Bickel
Andrew Black
Linda Bloemendaal
Laurie and Mark Blohm
Bob Smith Fine Art
Alletta Bode
James Bohn
Ann Bolson
Don and Jan Bonds
Sue Bonnette
Vickie Borden
Clu Borland
Ann Bowler
Rosemary Bradford and Kim Hysom
Terry and Karen Brady
Jeff and Sally Brant
Melzene Brinkmeyer
Annette Brister
Chris Brown
Deb Brown
Doug and Sue Brown
Joan Browne
Lisa and Bruce Bryant
Jim and Sue Buchan
Tasha Buettenback
K. Bennett & Tim Bunner
Bruce Burgess
John Burton
Stephanie Byers
Brewster and Margaretta Caesar
Andrew and Charlotte Caltagirone
Tonya Cameron
Phil Campbell
William and N. Elaine Campbell
Stephen and Jeanne Cannon
Jeanne Canny
Jean Capps
Gina Carlino
Jon and Mary Carlson
Lori and Jerry Carpenter
Nina and Bob Carran
Cars Helping Charities
Jodie and John Cassin
Thomas and Janet Chandler
C/O CyberGrants Charities Aid Found of America
Patricia Cherry
Jack and Pam Chesnutt
Sandra Chidester
Elizabeth Child
Dianne Chorny
Janet Christensen
Lauri Hudson Clapp
Gayle and John Claus
Michael and Marjorie Clinton
Irene Clurman
Jo Coker
William and Susan Coleman
Jill Conrad
Consolidated Investment Group
Continuum Partners
Suzanne Conwell
Ann Cook
Becky Cook
Gene and Susan Cookenboo
Barbara Coral
Richard Corey
Diane Cornell
Connie Cornwell
Pat and Julie Corwin
Beckie and Dave Covill
Anita Cox
Richard and Jimmie Crabb
Ruth Crafton
Joann Crancer
Renee and Dan Crews
Ray and Pat Crist
Stephen Crook
Kate Crouch
Susan Crouch
Rob and Christine Curtis
Scott and Val Curtis
Brigitte Cycyota
Linda Daley
Jan Dalfonso
Dan and Patty Hall Charitable Fund
Kit Darrow
Ingrid Davis
Kathe Davis
Kelli Davis
Maurice Davis
Sue Davis
1st Baptist Church Evergreen
– Dba Ascent Church
Hudson and Carol Dean
Candy Decker
Louise Decker
Jerry and Janet Dennis
Dale Devine
Greg Dewit
David and Nancy Dickert
James DiMaggio
Karl Dise
John and Tina Disorbio
Rocco and Judi Dodson
Gretchen Donisi
Linda & Jan Dorfman
Gail Downare
Nolan Doxey
Gail and Tom Dreis
Verna Drennan and Joyce Maulis
Mary Drey
Carol Dull
Neil and Joyce Dunbar
Lisa Duncan
Gary Dunford
Mary Susan Dunlop
Pem and JoAnn Dunn
Julia Durr
Jean Dveirin
Victor Dyal
Susan Eagleston
Linda Easton
Julie Eaton
Carolyn and Dan Edwards
Kim and John Elliott
Jacqueline Ellis
Owen and Sandra Ellis
Robert Elsberg
Jeff Emery
David and Leanne Emm
Rachel Emmer
Susan English
William Ennis
James and Dr. Virginia Epstein
John and Pandora Erlandson
Ken Ester
Beverly Evans
Priscilla Evilsizer
Margaret Ewell
Phyliss Ewing
Roxanne Faike
J. T. Fallon
William Farr
Winnie Felch
Felde CPA Group, LLC
Rick Femmer
Victoria Ferris
Gail Fischer
Jim & Sandy Fitzgerald
Betty Fitzpatrick
Barbara Fitzsimmons
Susan Fitzwilson and Ross Shandy
Mary Flannery
Sheryl Flater
Patricia Flood-Speidel
Mary Foianini
Trevor Fontaine
Peter and Claudia Forbes
Loretta Forkey
Thomas Fornwalt
Rosemary Frankwick
William and Gail Frasier
Albert Frei
Cynthia and Larry French
Rebecca Frevert
Beverly Friesen
Henry and Diane Fuchs
Robert Fuchs
Ada Fulks
Jena Fullmer
Michael Gaither
Maud and Tracy Galloway
Maryann Galpin-Plattner
Carol Gannon
Gayle Gardner
Marlene Genaud
Jim & Mary Louise Gerek
Rebecca Gershten
Diana Gibbons
Ann Gilbert Rawn
Jean Giroulx
Thomas Gleason
Tom and Ann Glossa
Sandie Godsman
John and Judith Gohring
Nicola Gold
George Golder
Claire Gosnell
Elaine Gosnell
Linda Goymerac
William Graf
Sandy Grampsas
Kathleen Grass
Richard and Vivian Grauch
Mike and Cheryl Grenko
Karl Greve
Joan Grier
Lyle and Janet Grimmett
Janet Grove
Gerald and Carol Grunska
Dianne Gum
Tom and Georgie Gungoll
Gysin & Company Insurance
Doris Haave
Steve and Cindy Haave
Cheryl Hadsell
Trudy Hagen
Lora Haimes
Gary Haines
Mary Haling
Daniel and Patty Hall
Larry and Susie Hall
Halliburton Giving Choices
Carla Handshaw
Jessi Hansen
Tracy and Aaron Hansen
Jim Harder
Howard and Ann Hargrove
James and Jenise Harper
Terri Harrington
Philip and Martha Harsh
Barbara Hart
Jerry Hart
Jon and Kim Hassinger
Penny Hawkins
Betsy and John Hays
Jacqueline Healy
Lisa Heaton
Becky Henderson
Dean and Charlene Herman
Kathie Herrman
Susan Hess
High Peaks Appraisers
Highland Haven Creekside Inn
Mary Hiltabidle
Bret Hinkle
Carrol Hiratsuka-Tsutsui
Bonnie Hisgen
Ann and Dean Hittle
Stephanie Hobbs
Andrea Hoff
Dale and Evelyn Hoffman
Howard and Frankie Hogan
Holland Hurst, Inc.
Risa and Chris Holmes
Dean Holste
Sharon and Randy Holstlaw
Carol Holt
Jane Holton
Josephine Hoover
Cindy and Tom Hoskins
Debbie Hottinger
Art (Herbert) Houser
Kay Howell
Joe and Helen Hruska
Liz and Chaz Hudd
Patti and Hans Hultgren
Heidi and Paul Humbeutel
Jerry and Joann Humphrey
Elizabeth Hund
Victoria Hurst
Susan Imming
Alan Ingram
Susan Irey
Barbara Ivan
Barbara James
Larry and Michele Janowiak
Brenda Jansen
Carlotta and Michael Jensen
Judy Jensen
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City
JMJ Consulting, Inc.
Emiko and Kent Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
Kristin Johnson
Alan and Bonnie Johnston
David and Margaret Jones
Peter and Tandy Jones
Juice Plus+
Carmen Julseth
Sharon Kahler
Rodgers Kaufmann
Sallie Kegley
David Kelble
Sondra Kellogg
Barbara Kelly
Linda Kelly
Elizabeth Kelson
Anne Kemp
Wayne Kemp
Carolyn Kennedy
Beverly and Daniel Kerr
Andrea Ketch
Edith Kiefer
Barbara and Doug Kieswetter
Gayle Kingery
Linda Klein
Jeff and Linda Kleist
Jody Kleist
Donna Kline
Stephen Knapp
Suzanne Koczon
Tom and Maureen Koppenhaver
Michael and Joanne Kortendick
Audrey and Simeon Kovacic
Mary Ellen Koziol
Michele Kramer
David and Sandra Kremser
James and Sandy Krohn
Carl Kushner
Christine Lafauci
Cindy Lainez
Michael Lancaster
Randy and Susan Lange
Max Lankston
Ken and Nancy Larner
Carla Larson
Michael Lau
Amy Laughlin
Kathleen Laurie
Carmah Lawler
Melanie Leatherwood
Martha Lepinski
Debra Lesinski
William Lester
Allan and Carol Lewandowski
Diane Lewis
Dan and Beth Lincoln
Dana Lindauer
Janean Lindauer
Peter and Lucille Link
Douglas and Gaile Linn
Russell and Anita Livingston
Mark Locke
George and Barbara Long
Pat Long
Steve Loomis
Ever Loved
Barbara Loving
Sharon Lowe
Jolene Luetkemeyer
Thomas Lukich
Lutheran Church of the Cross
Evelyn and Dave Lyon
Nancy Macbeth
Donald and Barb MacDonald
Gayle MacDougall
Barbara Mackellar
Martina MacLean
Pam and Mark Macy
Larry Madden
Nancy Madsen
Robert and Kathy Magnani
Jerry and Janet Mallow
Jeannie Mann
Ambika Mansell
Don and Debbie Marshall
Karen Marti
Rebecca Martin
Mark & Ila Marvel
Lynn Matthes
Elwin Mauer and Debra Robbins
Jeanne Maxwell
John and Lorrie McAllister
Kelly McBartlett
Keith McCammon
James and Jane McCartney
Marta McCormick and David Burchfield
Richard McDonald
William McElroy
Bob and Carla McFadden
Carol McGough
Scott McKernan
Lisa and Tom McLagan
Keith McLemore
Teresa McNeill
Trudy Meisinger
Victoria Merchant
Elizabeth Merwin
Mesa County Sheriff’s Office
Gail Mesplay
Richard Meunier
Don and Billie Middleton
Kris Miller
Rose Miller
Mark Milligan
John Mitchell
Richard and Jeane Mitzelfelt
Patty Montague
Bill and Freda Moore
Moore Lumber and Ace Hardware
Beth Moran
Richard More
Jane Morong
Joyce Morrow
Mary and Jim Mosby
Amy Mossberg
Ann Mott
Daniel and Lynn Moyle
Irene Moyna
Dan Mueller
Susan Mullen
Julie Mullin
Donna Mullins
Charles Murphy
Margaret Musgrove
John and Sandra Myers
Ralph Nafziger
Annie and Jacob Nagy
Elizabeth Nash
Avis Nelson
Philip Nelson and Joyce Trygstad
Steve and Tina Nelson
Jane Nero
Donyce and Mark Ness
Lynn Nestingen
Mikedonna Neukum
Gerald Nichols
Jeff and Linda Nielander
Gay Niermann and Mark Chapleau
Betty Nissler
Thom and Cris Noller
Norman and Elizabeth Nordeen
Marge North
Marianne North
Nancy Norton Ammer
Melanie Nuchols-Warsinske and Dan Nuchols
Rayda Oakley
Colleen O’Brien
Judy O’Brien
Holly and Rich O’Connor
Judy O’Daniel
Tammy Ohm
Michelle O’Laughlin
Old Mine Mini-Storage
Priscilla and Mike O’Leary
Thomas and Joan Oliver
Mildred Olson
Roy Olson
Kevin and Nancy Jo O’Malley
Cheryl O’Toole
Melinne Owen and Paul Giguere
Joyce Pache
Dick and Penny Page
Jack Page
Richard and Elaine Palladino
Melissa and Scott Palmer
Kenneth Pankonien
Ann Panthen
Jerry and Mary Parker
Linda Parkins
Charles and Mary Patton
Bill and Marcia Peak
Margaret Pearce
Rebecca Pearson
Jim and Karen Peiffer
Lloyd Peltzer and Bob Mosca
Glenn and Kathy Pence
Cheryl Pendleton
Laurie Pennington
Elizabeth or Anna Perea
Kelly Perry
Kirk and Karen Petrik
Nan Pettee
Doug Petty and Marjie Eakin-Petty
Pfefferle Management
Mark and Shari Pfenninger
Fred Pfeufer
Rick and Amy Phelps
Paul and Karen Phillipe
Patricia Pinkham
Suzanne Piskadlo
Orpha Platt
Mary Pleiss
Lynn Plummer
Tracy Poepping
Bob and Joy Poirot
Ray and Jennifer Polk
Cherie Pope Eagen
Jim Popejoy
C. Richard Powell
Shirley Powell
Janette Powers
Ruth Powers
Elissa Preheim
Rock and Kitty Pring
Karen Pure Kare Massage
Gordon and Sue Queen
Amy and Frank Rabbio
Kathy Racine
Anthony Racz
David Raetz
Curt Rautenstraus
Edna Carol Reese
Mary Ann and Rich Regiec
Margaret Reichert
Carol Reinoehl
Kristin Remenar
Rich and Nancy Reynolds
Avis Rice
Lois Rice
Rita Rice
Chris and Bridget Richards
Beth Riser
Sylvia Robertson
Ruth Robinson
Kelley and Bud Rockhill
Wayne and Patricia Rolf
Judy & David Roth
Sandra Roth
Debra Rouse
Kim and Daniel Rozman
Sue Runge
Erin and Brian Rupe
Roy Rush
Pam Russell
Sheila Ruzzamenti
Taya Sadam
Terri and Steven Sadecki
Debbie Salisbury
Dan and Eliazabeth Salter
Jack and Ruth Salter
Geraldine Sander
Marilyn Sandifer
Pamela Sartori
Shannon Savocchi
Theodore Schaal
Sarah Scher
Julia and James Schmidt
Joseph and Barbara Schoen
Tracy Schonter
Linda Schoonhoven
David and Jean Schuessler
Monica Schuler and Kay Johnson
Adam Schultz
Kathleen Schultz
David and Sandy Schumacher
Karen and Ronald Schutt
David and Erica Schweitz
A. W. and Sandra Scott
Karl and Pat Selby
Daria Serafini
Lorna Serber and John Goggin
Linda Sexton Medical Communications
Carolyn Seymour
Devraj Sharma and Doris Reim-Sharma
Pete and Carol Shaughnessy
Shirley Shimon
Kathryn S Short
Sandra Short
Lynne Sias
Lorraine Sickles
Gary and Francie Steinzeig Sidder
Ann Sill
Kelly and Rich Simmons
Fred and Carolyn Simon
Simon Family Living Trust
Ronald and Mary Simonich
Alice Slanec
Howard and Martha Sloan
Cindy Smith
Jack and Diane Smith
Joyce Snapp
Carolyn Snow
Johanna Snow
Wendy and Ched Snow
Bill and Gail Snyder
Don and Kit Snyder
Social Ethics Club of Idaho Springs
Barbara Soltis
South Texas Hidta
Richard Speery
John and Beth Spence
Jack Stapleton
Tim and Marilyn Stechert
Jane and Richard Steele
Lynette Steininger
Patricia Stern
James Stevens
Jane Stewart
Judy Stoeser
Lana Stoneburner
Mona Stotyn
David Studebaker
Lon & Susan Stuebinger
Michael Stus
Jim and Linda Stych
Michelle Sullivan
James & Dianne Szipszky
Jim and Joannie Tadewald
Eugene Taitt
Marilyn and Peter Taylor
Harv Teitelbaum
Lawrence and Ingrid Terrell
Paul Thisted
Rose Thomas
Ellen Thompson
Laura Thompson-Beato and Kevin Beato
Jerry and Marie Toman
Robert Tortoriello
Richard and Susan Toussaint
Curt and Patti Townsend
Joy Travis
Anne Trimble
Michael Tubbs
Karen and Bill Turgeon
Homer Turner and Joanne Pearson
Dan and Kathy Tuteur
Larry and Wenonah Tuttle
Frank and Joyce Utter
Steve and Laurie Vaggalis
Mary Valdez
William Vanderminden
Dan Varns
Laura Veckerelli
George and Deborah Velenovsky
Marcia and Larry Vickerman
Cathy Wagner
Nancy and Greg Wagner
Jim and Tricia Wales
Linda Walgren
Renee Walker
Greg and Teri Walsh
Janet Walther
Stacie Ward
John Warme
Ruth Wasilchin
Janet Way
Larry and Jody Weant
Debbie Wearner
Tammy Weatherly
Cynthia Weeks
Jane Weinfeld
Michael Weir
Susan and Bob Weir
Scarlett Weis
Laird Wendt
Eric West and Kimberly Taylor
Nancy Westman
Noelle and Ted Wharton
James and Anne White
Michael Whitehouse
H.W. and E.M. Wieser
Megan Wiley
Fred and Cathy Williams
Karen Williams
Timothy Williams
Douglas and Tracy Wills
Louis and Charlotte Wills
Victoria Willson
Nancy Wilson
Margaret Wilson Jones
Judith Winegar
Sandy Wipf
“Todd Wisser, MD and Kate Wisser, MD”
Frederick Woehler
Sanford Wohl
Gail Womack
Lynn Womack
Colorado Columbines Women`s Running Club
Virginia Wood
Ralph and Stephanie Wright
Dick and Christine Wulf
Larry and Francie Wyatt
Jerome and Elizabeth Yatteau
Ann Yetzbacher
Martha Yohe
Tony and Cara York
Joy Young
Dennis Zachman
Kim Zahn
Bode and Marybeth Zietz
Warren Zimmer and Pam Bixter
Jeff and Becky Zimmerman
Jane Zinn
Cynthia Zitterkopf


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