Mount Evans Donors 2021

The following individuals, organizations, and businesses made financial gifts to Mount Evans during the period of January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

Brad and Allison Aagaard
Karen Aalund
Carrie Aburto
Lauren Achziger
Sarah Adair
Mimi and Gil Adamowski
Susan Adamowski and Carrie Coates
Andy and Ginny Ades
Mike Adkins
Kim Agnew
Paul and Susan Ahlquist
Brian Aikin
Tim Ake
Albert Frei & Sons
Todd and Kim Alderfer
Nancy Alderman
Carolyn Alexander
Tama Alfring
Latasha Algrim
Danny and Karen Alkayam
Carliss Allan
Craig Allan
Tate Allbritton
Candy Allen and Bob Woodward
Ben and Kathleen Allen
Barbara Allen
James and Sharon Allison
Kathleen Allison
Eileen Alter
Ambary Gardens
Diane and Brian Amdur
Bob and Mary Pat Amedeo
Dana Amundson
Katie Anders
Glenn Andersen and Tekla Inglese
Marion and Clyde Anderson
Brad and Anne Anderson
Larry and Myra Anderson
Walt and Rita Anderson
Joyce and Ron Anderson
Jenny Anderson
Anderson Insurance Agency LLC
Janet Andrechak
Dawn and Todd Andres
Cecily Anne
Ted and Julie Antenucci
Carla Anthony
Gary and Sherry Antweiler
T Armbrustmacher
Rabbi Jamie Arnold
Dan Arrow
Rosa and Lindsey Ashby
Sandra Ashley
Jim and Betty Astle
Jill and Tom Athenour
Tracy and Dan Atlas
James Attalla
Bill and Debbie Atwood
Evan Auer
Auguste Montessori School
Molly Bachrodt
Tadini Bacigalupi
Laura Bagenski
John and Margaret Bailey
Mary Baker
Greg Bakke
Fern Balaun
Joan Ball
Mary Ball
Candace Ballantyne
Pamela Ballou Nelson
Nancy and Jeff Balter
Laurel Banks
Lise Barbour
Pamela and Richard Bard
David and Suzanne Barlow
Gail Barnes
Margot Barnes
Paula Barnes and Rob Baker
Michael and Dana Barone
Holly Barrett
Scott and Joannie Barth
Ethan Bartholomew
Brooks Barwell
Paula Bashor
Chris and Dawn Baumann
Angie Bean-Ross
Bear Paw Painters
Roy and Susan Beaton
Elizabeth Beaver
Beaver Brook Pet Center
Lewis Beck
Gray and Nicole Behrhorst
Skip Behrhorst and Donna Fisher
Judith Beichley
Ron Belak
John Beldock and Teri Heines
Marilynn Bell
Joseph Benbenek
Rob and Barb Bender
Ann Bengtson
Harry Bennett
Heather Benson
Bob and Cynthia Benson
Robert Benson
Louis Benson
Benson Family Foundation, Inc.
Karen Bent
Bill Bent
Cheryl Benware
Steve and Amy Bergevin
Jerry and Dianne Berk
Lynn Berkowitz
Timothy Berland
Karla Berlin
Lisa Berman
William and Darcy Bertles
Bethany Chamberlain – Coldwell Banker
Kris Bianchi
Lurlie Bickford
Constance Bierkan
Big O Tires Evergreen
Bill Ackerman Irrevocable Trust
Julie Billingham
Susan Bittell
Jamie Bittle
Daniel Black
Susan and Walter Blake
Susan Blazek
Laurie and Mark Blohm
Blue Spruce Kiwanis
Alison Bodor
Edwin and Rosemary Boettger
Barbara Bogaert
Rebecca Boley
Polly Boley
Eunice Bollinger
Vickie Borden
Karen Bosch
Tom and Ginny Boschen
James Bosik and Paula Siegel
David Bourassa
Janice Bowland
Ann Bowler
Marcia Boyd
Sandra Bradley
Bob and Annette Bradley
Ashley Bradsby
Terry and Karen Brady
Randy Brame
Patricia Branch
Sally Brant
Nancy Brewster
Brian Himmelman State Farm
Kane Brinkhoff
Betsy Brock
Wayne Broetzman
Luise Brook
Nancy and Robert Brown
Bruce Brown
Joan Browne
William and Linda Browning
Megan and John Browning
Jane Bruce
Sandy Bruggeman
Brigitte and Hank Brumley
Sean Brune
Bryan Brune
Melissa Bryan
Virginia Bryant
Buffalo Park Dentistry
Suzanne Buntrock
Ann Burbach
Ray Burden
Cynthia Burgher
Megan, Tom and Barbara Burke
Hank Burkman
Alec Butterwick
BW Mortgage, LLC/ Kate Higgins
Stephanie Byers
Maureen Byrne
Brewster and Margaretta Caesar
Tess Calcaterra
Marion Caldwell
Caldwell Insurance Agency Inc. – American Family
Eliza Campbell and Ayla Englehart
Cancer League of Colorado
Chuck Canepa
Stephen and Jeanne Cannon
Jeanne Canny
Rocco Canonica
Wes Cantrell
Katie Carbiener
Deanne and Rich Cardillo
William and Maureen Carle
Gina Carlino
Mary Ellen Carlow
Melissa Carlson
Steve and Lisa Carpenter
Lori Carpenter
Robert and Carol Carper
Nina and Bob Carran
Cars Helping Charities
Ron and Kim Carter
Mark and Deborah Carter
Ben and Pat Carter
CAS Real Estate
Stephanie Case
Allan and Shirley Casey
Mary Cash
Joyce Cassidy
Nathan Casteel
Michael and Maureen Castellano
Family Castro
Gwen Cecil
Jim and Linda Chalat
David and Bethany Chamberlain
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Jennifer Chase
Lisa Chenney
Kevin Chenoweth
Robert and Patricia Cherry
Margaret Chessman
Jim and Trudy Chiddix
Sandra Chidester
Christ The King Catholic Church
Nathan Christensen
Jill Christensen
Lau and Katie Christensen
David Christie
Courtnee Chun
Dennis and Linda Cinelli
Tim and Joan Clancy
Clear Creek County Commissioners
Pam Clifford
Michael and Marjorie Clinton
Jen Clunk
Shirley Coblentz
George and Mary Cogorno
Ken and Andrea Cohen
Brent Cohen
Michael and Wendy Cole
Tina Coleman
Kay Collins
Christopher Colon
Colorado Home Realty
Community First Foundation
Community Health Charities
Conifer Newcomers & Neighbors
Judy Conrad
Gabriela Contreras
Stanley and Patricia Conway
Suzanne Conwell
Becky Cook
Gene and Susan Cookenboo
CORE Electric Coop
David and Janet Corey
Charles Corey
Pat and Julie Corwin
Beckie and Dave Covill
Tara Cox
Billie Cox
Gale Crafton
Joann Crancer
Melanie and Richard Crane
Credit Union of Colorado Foundation
Renee and Dan Crews
Ben Croce and Nikki Pounds
Rae and Bill Cronk
Laurel Crowell
Joanie Culbertson
Kat Culler
Mike and Becky Cunningham
Scott and Val Curtis
Brigitte and Steve Cycyota
Don Cygan
Lisa Cygan
Cindy Dahl
Gerald Dahl
Amanda Dahna-Schultz and Robert Schultz
Linda Daley
Jan Dalfonso
Samantha Dalton
Dean and Dana Dalvit
Barbara Damiano Marshall
Laurie Danahey
Daniels Fund
Amanda Darrow
Zachary Darrow
Bob Davidoff
John Davis
Chris and Brenda Davis
Jeff and Mary Ann Davis
Laurie and Jim Davis
Nan Davis
Dick Davis and Melanie Anderson
Alice De Bloois
Suzanne De Disse
Hudson and Carol Dean
Colin Dean
Candy Decker
Jill and Lenny Demchak
Samantha Denman
Jerry and Janet Dennis
Denver Regional Council of Governments Agency on Aging
Barbara DeSanti
Devin Detwiler
Diane Florschuetz/Coldwell Banker 
Claire Diaz
David and Nancy Dickert
Ed and Mary Dickhoff
Bill Dickson
James DiMaggio
Christopher Dinnan
Karl Dise
John and Tina Disorbio
Phil and Linda Dispense
Leslie Distel
Michelle Distel
Carol and Greg Dobbs
Dusty Dodge
Rocco Dodson
Janie Dolecek
Claire Dorfman
Bridgit Dornbirer
Kenneth Dotson
Patrick Doty
Merry Dougherty
Gail Downare
Gary and Diane Drake
Dan Dreger
Gail and Tom Dreis
Paula Dreith
Grayson and Linda Drexel
Nita Drolet-Johnson and Jake Johnson
Steven Drucker
Penny Drucker
Ariella Dugan
Neil and Joyce Dunbar
Lisa Duncan
Gary Dunford
Bob and Kathy Dunlap
Pem and JoAnn Dunn
Linda Dunn
Donna Duplessie
Shawn Durand
Julia Durr
Hadrien Dykiel and Isabella Donadio
Nancy Eakins
Linda Easton
Julie Eaton
Kirk and Grace Eberl
Stan and Brenda Eckert
Peter and Peggy Eggers
Robert Ehret
Susan and Rod Eichler
Eide Bailly, LLP
Beret Eighmey
Cathy and Vern Eiswerth
Shelley Ekstrom
Melody Elder
Bill and Nancy Eldridge
Elevation Dental
Elk Run Assisted Living
Owen and Sandra Ellis
Jeff Emery
Liz England
John and Karen Engstrom
James and Dr. Virginia Epstein
Fred and Carol Espenship
John Esperance
Richard and Julia Esser
Kenneth Ester
Beverly Evans
Loie Evans
Anita Evanyo
Evergreen Brewery
Evergreen Clothing & Mercantile
Evergreen Dental Group
Evergreen Discount Liquor
Evergreen Lutheran Church
Evergreen National Bank
Evergreen Orthodontic Specialists
Evergreen Pilates
Evergreen Trout Unlimited
Evergreen Vision Clinic, P.C.
Priscilla Evilsizer
Expresley Elvis Fan Club
Exquisitely Native American Inc.
Roxanne Faike
Mary Jo Fain
Dawn Faloon
Fowler Family
Ed Fariss
Paul Faulkner
Wayne Faust
Kyle and Marcy Feagans
Celia Feinstein and Randy Jackson
Winnie Felch
Michael Fera
Hershal and Trudy Ferguson
Bruce and Martha Ferguson
Suzanne and Bob Feroldi
Nora Ferrari-Monnet
Peggy and Dale Fetchenhier
David Figuli
FirstBank of Evergreen
Kris and Angie Fisher
Larry and Judi Fisher
Jim & Sandy Fitzgerald
Michelle Fitzpatrick
Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Betty Fitzpatrick
Barbara Fitzsimmons
Steve and Melissa Fitzsimmons
Susan Fitzwilson and Ross Shandy
Mary Flannery
Sheryl Flater
Reg Fleming
Barbara Flynn
Mary Foianini
Frances Fontana
Amanda Ford
John and Debbie Ford
Thomas Fornwalt
Lori Fortier
Steven and Kimberly Fossel
Foster Family Dental
Lisa Fowler
Janice Francisco
Doris Frederick
Rachel Freer
Family Frerker
Cory Freyer
David and Debra Freyer
Beverly Friesen
Ann Fritz
Henry and Diane Fuchs
Lori Ann Fujioka
Don Funk
John and Sharlene Funk
Merit Funk
Donna Gall
Mary Gallagher
Ben Galloway
Maud and Tracy Galloway
Terry Galpin-Plattner
Barbara Jean Gard
Ruth and Steve Gardner
Kelvin Garfit
Kelly and Maria Garrod
Pam Garza
Marvin and Dee Geisness
Genesis Total Exteriors
Larry and Catherine Gentz
Janis George
Steven George
GeoWater Services, LLC.
Kymberlee Gerace
Cari Gerlach
Gerou & Associates, Ltd.
Chris Gibbons
Bob and Karin Gibbs
Janet Gibson
Tammie Gietl
Penn and Marilyn Gildersleeve
Leon and Gretchen Giles
Tom Gillen
Jean Giroulx
Janel and Mike Glines
Tom and Ann Glossa
Cheryl and Dale Glover
Valerie Gluth
Sandie Godsman
Donna Goertz
Nicola Gold
John and Nancy Golden
George Golder
Marilyn Goltl
Edward Gondolf
Kristi and Andrei Gonzales
Mark and Jeanne Goosmann
James and Ellen Gordon
Melinda Gordon
Gayle Gordon and Rob Wesson
Tom Gorman
Lynn Gorski
Elaine Gosnell
Claire Gosnell and Steven McClymont
Allyson and Bob Gottsman
Tami Graeser
William Graf
Lindsay Gramlich
Gina Granato
Patty Granato
Richard and Vivian Grauch
Joyce Gravatt
Lynnden Gray
Sharman Gray
John and Katey Greene
Sara Gregory
Jennifer Grenz
Karl Greve
Greystar Real Estate Partners
Joyce Griffiths
Tad and Kathryn Griffiths
Sally Griggs
Lyle and Janet Grimmett
Carl and Carolena Grivner
Deborah Grossman
Debbie Grossman
John Groves
Jennifer and Dan Grube
Deborah Gulbrandson
Emily Guziak
Lauren Guzman
Gysin & Company Insurance
Erica Haag
Joe and Brian Haffner
Trudy Hagen
Claire Haggard
Renee Hahn
Ralph and Pat Haines
Pat Haley
Daniel and Patty Hall
Larry Hall
Kris Hallquist
Kathy Hamilton
Leslee Hampel
Leslie and Ken Hancock
Carla Handshaw
Cathy Handy
Bob and Donna Hanisch
Jenn Hanisch
Corrine Hanisch
Larry and Sandra Hanna
Hannigan Vocational Consultants
Bruce Hansen
Jill and Janet Hansen
Rhys Hanson
Ruth Harding
Scott and Anne Hardt
Howard and Ann Hargrove
Elwood Harmon
Curt and Barbara Harris
Elizabeth Harris and Deborah Jensen
Barbara Hart
Hart Family Foundation
Sue Harvey-Dunn
Kathryn and Roger Hassell
Mark Hasseman
Toby Haswell and Almut Haswell
Ellen Hatcher
Mag Hayden
Betsy and John Hays
Lisa Heaton
Ed Hellums
Megan Henry
Robert and Kathie Herrman
Family Herron
Jon and Cristy Hersley
Susan Hess
Jeff and Vicki Hester
Claire Hicks
Jeffrey and Debra Hiers
Nancy and Patrick Hiester
Lynnette Higer
Dave and Cindy Higgins
Family Hilgefort
Gloria Hill
Jill Hill
Brian Himmelman
Al and Janice Himmelman
Harold Hiner
Georgetown Railroad Historic Rail Adventures
Ann and Dean Hittle
Nancy Hladik
Tami Hladik
Tom Hobson Hobson and Connie Walker
Rod and Carolyn Hock
Jerry Hodges
Ted and Barbara Hoepner
Andrea Hoff
Kristin Hoffman
Dale and Evelyn Hoffman
Melanie Hoffmann
Charlie Hoffmann
Maureen Hogg
Jon and Christy Holbrook
Janice and Davy Holmes
Risa and Chris Holmes
Dean Holste
Sharon and Randy Holstlaw
William and Carole Horger
Kaitlen Horne
Alan Horowitz
Debbie Hottinger
Russ and Shelly Houston
Jackie Howard
Kay Howell
Joe and Helen Hruska
Chaz Hudd
Nanette Huey
Huff Insurance & Financial Services
John and Margaret Hugger
Jay Huggins
Wendell Huggins
Dale and Sarah Hughes
Huiting Wealth Management Group
Kathy Huls
Jerry and Joann Humphrey
Elizabeth Hund
Lauren Hunt
Suzie Hunt Frazier
Victoria Hurst
Barbara Hurtgam
Steven Husch
Tracey Huston
Mary Hutcherson
Karen and James Hutcherson
Ralph and Zelene Hutchison
Walter Hutton
Martha Hyder
Terry Hylland
Laurel Hyslop
Susan Imming
Alan Ingram
Robert and Sondra Inman
Barbara and Tom Ivan
J.M. McDonald Foundation
Royal Jackson
Adam Jackson
Juliann Jacobson
Curt and Keri Jaeger
Kelly James
Jack Jander
Larry and Michele Janowiak
Brenda Jansen
Judy Jensen
Al and Wendy Jewsbury
Amy and Kertt Jodie
Gweneth Johanson
Sam Johnson
Tucker and Hannah Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
Jane Johnson
Walter Johnson
Jon Johnson
Bob and Liz Jones
David and Margaret Jones
Peter and Tandy Jones
Shirley Jones
Katherine Jones
Thomas and Karrie Sue Jones
June Jones Paulding
Nancy and Bob Judge
Tysu Jung and Robert Reinert
Tom Junker
Sydney Jussel
Allison Jussel
Kyle Jussel
LuAnn and Hank Kaanta
Michael and Colleen Kaiser
Kathleen and Mike Kammerer
Kathleen Kane
Jonathan Karnath
Cassie Kaslon
Philip Kay
Jeff Keating
Gail Keeler
Beverly Keeler-Sprout and Jeff Sprout
Lisa Keener
David Kelble
Patricia Keller
Brian Keller
Barbara Kelly
Linda Kelly
Wayne Kemp
Carolyn Kennedy
Bill Keochlein
Barbara Kerans
Lisa Kerans
Tobias Kerr
J. Daniel and Carolyn Kershaw
Barbara and Doug Kieswetter
Carolyn and Robert Kindt
Jodi L King
Cathy King
King Soopers
Gayle Kingery
Hillary Kingsley
Doug Kinzy and Holly Jorgensen
John and Joanne Kirby
Linda Kirkpatrick
John and Rebecca Kirschner
Marsha Kitch
Karen Kitchner
John Kittredge
Kurt Klanderud
Brendan and Jessica Klare
Barbara Klaus
Constance Klein
Jody Kleist
Caroline Kline
Esther Kling
Robert Klumpp
Stephen Knapp
Susan Knepley
Family Knotts
Suzanne Koczon-Shipley
Bobbie Koechlein
Sally Korff Bergstedt
Sarah Korsen
Daryl and Tracy Korsmeyer
Michael and Joanne Kortendick
Sean Kraemer
Susan Krafcheck
Beau and Cherri Kraus
Marilyn Krause
Jim and Anita Kreider
David and Sandra Kremser
Donald and Louise Krill
Fred and Stephanie Krop
Diane Krueger
Peter Krzanowsky
Donna Kubik
Betsy Kuglin
Frank Kulow
Juanita Kursevich
Bob and Cynthia Kurziak
Ann Lacy-Balliet
Roger and Cheryl Ladd
Cindy Lainez
Bill Lambert and Colette Thoreau
Barb and Mark Lamperski
Michael Lancaster
Todd and Tish Landrum
Max Lankston
Stan and Ruth Lapidus
Susan Lapidus
Kevin Larson
Carla Larson
Gretchen Lasda
Kathleen Latourrette
Ken Laughlin
Kathleen Laurie
Kathy and Mark Laurnen
Shelly Lawrence
Christophe Lawrie
Meg and Kevin Leadford
Tim and Mary Ann Leake
Jeanie Leenheer
Kathryn Lees
Steve and Susan Lehman
Barb Lemoine
James Leonard
Michael and Meg Leonard
Michele Leonard
Paul and Vicki Leroue
Debra Lesinski
William Lester
Anne Levine
Liz Levy and JD Morris
James Lewis
Carole and Allan Lhotka
Lifetime Windows and Siding
Dan and Beth Lincoln
Elizabeth Lincoln
Carl Lindeman, Jr.
Davis Linden
Peter and Pam Lindquist
Dustin and Barbara Lindsey
Peter and Lucille Link
Carol and Curt Linke
Douglas and Gaile Linn
Emma and Cyndi Linn
Adam Liska
LIV Sotheby’s International Realty
Carson Lively McBride
Mark Locke
Wendy Lockwood
Robert Loeffler
Lisa Lollock
Carole Lomond
Steve Loomis
Margo Lopenske
Bill and Adele Loring
Claire and Gary Lorinser
Toni Louwagie
Dale and Linda Lovin
Nancy Lowe
Alan and Betty Lowe
Tarrah Lowry
Daniel Lucy
Jeff and Liz Luebesmier
Bruce Luer
Jolene Luetkemeyer
Thomas Lukich
Mary Lumm
Garyand Pam Lundberg
Kathe Lundhagen
Lutheran Church of the Cross
Dale M Lutz
Matt Lutz
Karla Luxner
Nancy Lynch
Lynn Westfall / RE/MAX Alliance
Evelyn Lyon
Rose Marie Lyon
Jim and Marcia Lyons
Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust
John and Gretchen MacArthur
Ann MacConnell
Barbara MacDonald
Gayle MacDougall
Karen MacFarquhar
Pam and Mark Macy
Larry Madden
Arnold and Sandra Madigan
Robert and Kathy Magnani
Lee Maher
Madelyn Major
Michele Major
Jim and Mary Kay Mallon
Ginger Maloney
Carol Mann
Bill and Marsha Manning
Manning Financial Advisors
Susan Marinelli and William Berryman
Marion Esser Kaufmann Foundation
Don and Debbie Marshall
Linda Martelli
Millicent Marter
Karen Marti
Julie Martin and Don Westfall
Cathy and Bruce Martin
Stacee Martin
Toni Martin
Rebecca Martin
Arthur and Marcee Martin
Juliette Mason
Sally and Dave Masters
Kristen Mathias
Lynn Matthes
Alison Matthewman
Lisa Mattox
Roger and Sheryl Matz
Ted Maurer
David and Carol Maxwell
Gus Mayer
Lorrie McAllister
Kelly McBartlett
Leonor McCall-Rodriguez and Dean McCall
Bob McCarroll
Bryant and Betty McCarthy
Jane McCarty
Judy McClure
Patty McCord
Carolyn McDaniel
Richard McDonald
Tracey McDonough
William McElroy
Thomas and Ruth McEwen
Bob and Carla McFadden
Terry McFarlane
Harold and Elinor McGlathery
Katherine McGrail
Rob McGuire
Michael McHale
Donald and Jackie McJunkin
Carol McKeehan
Julie and Michael McKenna
Francis McKenzie
Scott McKernan
Anne McKinley
Saundra McKinley
Patrick McLaughlin
Amy McLemore
Family McMenaman
Dee McNairy
Miles McNamee
Maddie McNamee
Tom and Suzanne McNulty
John McPartland
Sandra McRae
Will and Victoria Meehl
Melissa Menard
Arthur and Barbara Mendez
John and Sonia Merrell
Diane Merwin
Nancy Metzler
Joanne Michalski
Joan Mickels
Annette Mickle
Jason and Cindy Middleton
Mile High United Way
Kris Miller
Amy Miller
Elizabeth Mince
Michael and Kathleen Minichino
Jenifer Mintle
Helen Mleynek
Abigail Moles
Pamela and Robert Montgomery
Josette Montgomery
Katy and Isaac Mooberry
Lynda Moon
Malinda Moore
Beth Moran
Richard More
Ruth Morehouse
Cathy Morgan
Jane Morony
Shelley Morton
Tommy Mulc
Susan Mullen
Katie Mullen
Kathy Mullin
Donna Mullins
Patti Mulvihill
Mark and Anne Mundt
Laurie Munro
Chuck Murphy
Family Murphy
Nancy Murphy Reynolds
James Myers
Judi and Ralph Nafziger
Annie and Jacob Nagy
Ella Namaksy
Elizabeth Nash
National Christian Foundation Rocky Mtns 
National Philanthropic Trust
Nadine Nawar
Mark and Jacqueline Neal
Scott Nebel
Gary and Laura Nelsen
Avis Nelson
Philip Nelson and Joyce Trygstad
Nancy Nelson
Ellen Nelson
Susan Nelson
Raule Nemer and Bob Topp
Franco Nese
Lynn Nestingen
Jimmy and Helen New
Linda Newell
John and Melissa Newkirk
Christine Nichols
Milo Nichols
Nick’s Pro Fitness
Nancy Nickle and Bill Mehring
Jeff and Linda Nielander
Katherine Nielsen
Gay Niermann and Mark Chapleau
Ted and Connie Ning
Sarah Nisler
Betty Nissler
Cris Noller
Mary and Bill Noonan
Elizabeth Nordeen
Marianne North
Marge North
Alexis Northcutt
Lori Norton
Audrey Norwood
Ashley Nylen
G. Scott O’Connell
Valerie O’Connor
Holly and Rich O’Connor
Judy O’Daniel
Angie and John O’Keefe
Priscilla and Mike O’Leary
Kevin and Carole O’Shea
Mary O’Shea
Cheryl O’Toole
Rayda Oakley
Colleen O’Brien
Judith O’Brien
Ben Ochoa
Sally Ochsner
James and Jane Oehm
Robert Ogden
Katie Oglesby
Renee Okubo
Michelle K OLaughlin
Richard and Elizabeth Olde
Olde’s Texaco
Kate Olde-Porter
Tom Olds
Daniel Olds
Henry Oliver
Cindy and Todd Oliver
Thomas and Joan Oliver
Mildred Olson
Tobin and Brooke Osiecki
Donna and George Ott
Michele and Dave Overley
Melinne Owen and Paul Giguere
Marie Owens and Richard Swinney
Mary Ozimkowski
Joyce Pache
Dick and Penny Page
Richard and Elaine Palladino
Family Pallagi
Melissa and Scott Palmer
Laura Pang
Kenneth Pankonien
Dan and Kim Pappas
Kellie Paradise
David Parent
Robert and Beverly Parent
Brenda Park
Ned Parker
Liesl and Edward Parker
Karen and Dick Parks
Anne Pate
Andrea and Larry Patella
Rita Patti
Charles and Mary Patton
Susan Payne
Chris and Ginger Payne
Janine Payton
John and Cassie Pazour
Bill and Marcia Peak
Joni Pearl
Galen and Marilyn Pearson
Katherine Pedersen
Jim and Karen Peiffer
Lloyd Peltzer and Bob Mosca
Glenn and Kathy Pence
Laurie Pennington
Kirk and Karen Petrik
Nan Pettee
Chris Pfaff and Larry White
Elizabeth Phelan
Carol Phelps
Carol Phelps
Sue and Dick Phelps
Paul and Karen Phillipe
Gary and Susan Phillips
Emma Phillips
Robert Pierce
Vicki and Tom Pinder
Rosalita Pinkerton
Julie Pinkerton
Orpha Platt
Pledgeling Foundation
Kristina Plenter
David K. and Mary Beth Ploutz
Sally and Glenn Plumb
Bob and Joy Poirot
Agnes Polak
Sonja Poling
Debra Polsin
Cherie Pope Eagen
Jim Popejoy
Rick and Gail Posner
Steven Pothast
Andy Potter
Ronald and Susan Powell
Daree Powell and Ann Zimmerman
Ron and Susie Powell
Jo and Jon Powers
Sebastian and Sabine Preisinger
Alyse Preston
Nancy Price
Dick Prickett
Margaret Pruszka
Nancy and Terry Pudwill
Wayne Pulick
Chuck and Carole Purcell
Judi Quackenboss
Tom and Janet Quinn
Michael and Diana Quinn
Rachel’s Creations
Anthony and Natalee Racz
David Raetz
Alexis Raetz
John Goff Ramirez Family
Ramsey Family Charitable Fund
Diane Rankin
Jill Rastrelli
Carly Ratekin
Ryan and Maddy Reed
Edna Carol Reese 
Paul and Marge Regan
Maryann Regiec
Robin Reichwein
Sharon Reid
Robert J. and Barbara Reilly
Bonnie Reimer
Melanie Reiser
Mark and Ginny Reiss
Charlie Resanovich
Return To Sport Physio
Family Reyes
Marilyn Rhodes
Michael and Sharon Ricci
Rita Rice
Family Rice
Stephanie and Stephen Richardson
Bill and Barbara Rickord
Mary Rieple
Becky Rigo
Tad Riley
Ken Rillings
Dana Rinderknecht
Karen and Gary Rinedollar
Peter Ringgold
Beth Riser
Terry and Jim Ritter
Robert & Associates, LLC
Claire Roberts
William and Whitney Roberts
Lindsey Robertson
Jean Robertson
Sylvia Robertson
Jim and Dianne Robinson
Terry Robinson
Natalee Rohrer
Giuliana Rokke
Patti Rommelmann
Elizabeth Rosendale
Bruce and Karil Frohboese Rosenlund
Donald and Patricia Rosenthal
Rotary Club of Clear Creek 2000
Rotary Club of Conifer
Rotary Club of Evergreen
Rotary Club of Mountain Foothills
Sandra Roth
Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie
Betsy Rothley
Gary and Dianne Rotolo
Debra and James Rouse
Sue Roux
Ewa Rozanski
RPM Agency Insurance Brokerage
Lionirez Rubio
Denny and Cathy Rundle
Pamela Russell
Frank and Mary Lou Rutherford
Ed and Sandy Rutkowski
Roger and Cheryl Ryan
Ragnhild and Marvin Rygh
Pete and Meryl Sabeff
Terri Sadecki
Jordyn Saffy
Cindy Sahli
Jack and Ruth Salter
Buzz and Laura Sampson
Hallie Sams
Patsy and Lou Samson
Marilyn Sandifer
Paul and Kathy Sandquist
Shannon Savocchi
Dianne Schade
Greg Schaefer
Bonnie Schechter-Orin and Tom Orin
Heather Schell
Dick and Janet Scheurer
Robert Schlenker
Rob Schlenker
Schlessman Family Foundation, Inc.
Anna Schmidt
Julia and James Schmidt
Jim and Pamela Schmidt
Kara Schmitt
Camille Schmitz
Fran and Doug Schneider
Susan F Schoch
Verlin and Irene Schock
Joseph and Barbara Schoen
Cynthia Schoen
Tony and Loretta Schoenberger
Susan Scholl
Linda Schoonhoven
Barry and Michelle Schroeder
Mike and Maggie Schroeder
Vicki Schroeder
Chuck Schueler
David and Jean Schuessler
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