Gifts In Memory and In Honor

The following individuals were remembered or honored between
January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

Gifts In Memory Of (2021):

Andrea (Andy) Huggins
Angela Schaefer
Anne Iverson
Barbara J.smith
Betsy Niles
Bill Sells
Bob Gietl
Bob Lopenske
Borbert and Jane
Brian Reamy
Cameron McKinley
Caroline Stoufer
Cathy Sweeney
Chris and Roxanne Shisslack
Christina Pagnotto
Clayton Black
Dave Lyon
David Rommelmann
Dennis Clifford
Dianne Junker
Dick Dolecek
Dick Ingram
Don Allan
Donald Funk
Donlie Smith
Ed and Liz Smith
Emily Corey
Emily Nebel
Eul-Soo Pang
Eunice Kleist
Evelyn “Kittty” Tettemer
Floyd Simmons
Frank Granato
Frank J Szipszky
Frank Platt
Fred Hampel
Freddie Lincoln
Gayle Prine Jackson
Gene Younger
George Faust
George Lydic
George Matthes
Geri Hylland
Greg Armstrong
Gregg Lumm
Gus Herman
Hetty Dunford
Hugh and Dorothy Boschert
Jack Grossman
James Martin
Jane McRae
Janet Hinish
Jean Ayars
Jeff Brandt
Jerry Howard
Joe and Elliot Cook
John Bailey
John Carroll
John L. Washburn, Jr.
Joyce Bernhardt
Juanita Zellner
Judy O’Keefe-Warme
Julaine (julie) Dames Schueler
Karen Knutson
Kathie Lester
Kathy Sweeney
LaNelle Shwayder
Lanie Leek
Laurie and Bob
Lee Lemoine
Lee Monroe Behrens
Liz Lincoln Lyndon
Lois Paradise-Latimer
Louis Gluth
Lyn Yarroll
Margaret Mayer
Marie Serber
Mary Lou Powell
Michael Etherington
Noreen Gerlach
Pat, Ed and Betty
Patricia L. Shepherd
Patricia Stern
Patrick Mullen
Patt Hudson Graeser
Paul Eighmey
Paul Hyder
Paul Lenstro
Ray Bittle
Ray Curtis
Rick Kursevich
Riley Rothley
Rita Ducharme
Rita Zack
Roald Flater
Robert Bruce
Ronald Eugene Frank
Ruth Hardman
Ruth Harmon
Ruth Peake Jarnagin
Scott Amdur
Shannon Hitchcock
Shirley Canepa
Sidney “Sid” Whitford
Stephen D Price
Susan Hoffmann
Susan Stearns
Sylvia Brockner
Sylvia Turner
Theresa Bagwell
Thomas Chicovsky
Timothy S. George
Timothy Walgren
Tom Allison
Erika Schumacher
Wolf Schumacher

Gifts In Honor Of (2021):

Art Nielander
Barb Zendig
Barbara Kerans
Betsy Hays
Bob and Ruth Payne
Deb Gulbranson
Hendrika Hoekstra
Jim and Trudy Chiddix
Kristine Toth
Laura Park
Maerita Woverton
Martha Zavodsky
Sallie Wandling
Susan Stearns
Wendy Snow
Winifred Felch


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