Gifts In Memory and In Honor

The following individuals were remembered or honored between
April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020.

Gifts In Memory Of (2019-2020):

James (Gil) Alfring
All those that have died in Colorado during this trying time
Jill and Erik Anderson
Henry and Ona Anderson
Jackie Andrew
Eugene M. Ardelt
Devin Asbury
Geoffrey Audsley
Jean Ayars
Robert Ayers and Marsha Phelps
Walter Ron Barnes
Robert Batson
Deena Benson
Barry Benware
Joyce Bernhardt
Char and Bob Bjork
Marianne Bohannon
Russell Boley
Mary Ann Branch
Allan Brook
Constance Tyler Buck
Linda and Vivian Burden
Lucille Burke
Tom Butterfield
Rita Byers and Kathy Knoll
Jon Carlson
Charles Mac Carran
Jo Cembalisty
Robert G. Clarke
Donna Coco
Emily Corey
R. Edward Corwin
Jim Crafton
Dr. James Crafton
Gene Crancer
Tessie Dahlman
Carlie Davis
Steve Dolzanie III
Harriet Dresser
Kevin Driscoll
Brian Earnest
Peggy Eberet
Valeria Eggleston
Bayse, Elizabeth
Jerry Emmer
Keith Ester
John Evans
Milan Tom Evans
Christopher Farr
Donald Fassero
Quentin R. Felch
Mike Fitzpatrick
Mary E. Garza
Diana Gibbons
Virginia (Sunny) Golder
Walt Goltl
Dennise Gorman
Helen Gosnell
Dean Haave
Josephine Halderman
Jim Halliday
Bob Harding
Bob Hershberger
Kathy Slanec Heyvaert
John Hobbs
Daniel Holton
T Hruska
Geri Hylland
Bob Irey
Florence Irish
Dr. Ron Jendry
Nikki Jones
Joan Julseth
Dianne Junker
Dr. David L. Kelble
Jack Kellogg
Jessie Kirk
John Kirkpatrick
Margaret Knowlton
Ruth Koons
Barbara Korin
John Krueger
Robert Lambert
Carmah Lawler
Glen Lein
Jerald Lepinski
Tom and Kathie Lester
Michael Lewandowski
Ann Little
Adele Lloyd
Peggy Long
Wayne Lundhagen
David Lyon
Robert MacDougall
Colleen Mae and Kelly Nyland
Hans and Rose-Marie Mann
Betty Massey
Katie Matthewman
Faith Matula
Shirley Mauer
Pat Mayoss
Gilbert (Gib) McGough
Jan McIlwaine
Kenneth Mesplay
Robert Metzler
Bruce Meyer
Harriet Miniter
Patty Mintle
Patrick Mullen
Melba Neel
Philip Nestingen
Lois June Olde
Barbara and Bob Owen
Andrew Pierce
Claudia LaRue Pierson
Bob Plank and Chad Johnson
Barbara Powers
Blake Prelipp
Elvis Presley
Lisa Racz-Gaddis
Brian Reamy
Mary Ann Ringgold
Maureen Rose
Jean Rossi
Harold Roth
Bill Sandifer
Elaine Schoelzel
John and Marguerite Schoonhoven
Bob and Ida Seger
Bill Sells
Joan Shrimpton
Dennis Simpson
Ethel Snowbarger
Jean Stevens
Frank Szipszky
Glenn E. Tersteeg
Blaine Thomas
Barbara Treichel
Sylvia Turner
Sam Valdez
Couch and Barbara Wallace
Jack L. Wasinger
Jack and Elaine Waugaman
Joyce Wendt
Marcia J. Wilson
Carol Wilson
Maryann L. Woods
Mark Woycik
Rita Zack

Gifts In Honor Of (2019-2020):

Susan Adamowski
All of the Wonderful Nurses, Therapists and Staff of Mount Evans
Jack Biddle
Maryann Bohannan
Dave Brown
Jim and Trudy Chiddix
Dr. Ken Cohen
Cecilia Dickhoff
Ruby Dolzanie
Loie Evans and Lynne, Mark, Zoe and Spencer
Suzanne Feroldi
Wendy Files and her daughters
Former Packet Group
Sam Harwood and Michelle Porter
Jon Holbrook
Norma Kline
Mitch Korin
Meg Leadford and All of Hospice
Gib McGough
Annie Mossberg
Everyone at Mount Evans
Memory Quilters and Mount Evans Staff
Debbie Schwartz
James Sealock and Lydia Cole
Sandy Slonim
Wendy Snow
Susan Stearns
Mary Steinbrecher
Those Caring for Our Community
Kristine Toth
Marcia Vickerman
Sallie Wandling
Martha Zavodsky
Pam A. Zemanek


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